My business is Different. I am a Travel Agent and before I start looking for Vacations for clients I do an interview. I need to know what they are interested in and where they have been as far as Hobbies, Sports, Destinations, Family interest, flying or cruising, Adventurer or Relaxation,What they want, likes and dislikes, What do you expect from your trip and so much more. You see a Vacation should fit the person doing the travel and not what the travel agent has on sale. It should always be Clients interest that you try to match. I use this a lot " If you don't like wet places I am not going to send you to the rain forest ". A Vacation that fits like good shoes. If I make you happy you will tell your friends and if I make you mad you still will tell your friends. I can only make them happy when i get to know them as people. I also believe in finding the best rate and best locations everyday

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Where you decide to put down roots is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make.

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There has never been a better time than now to find the perfect Dream Vacation for your Family

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$799.00 and UP and NO OTHER COST I can get you a lot of choices for a 7 day All-Inclusive Vacation in Exotic Resorts which includes Flights, Transfers, Taxes, Resort Stay, All the Food and Drink, Entertainment, pools and the ocean starting @ $799.00 per Person. You'll be pampered to your hearts content. Lot's of choices and book now for up to a year in advance with a deposit. They fill up Fast. We charge " NO FEES " Name your Island . CALL US at 845-523-4500 Leave a message with details and we will get back to you

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